Tyrepliers® Original Bead Breaker

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Tyrepliers® Original Bead Breaker to fit 13" - 19" Rims (BB100)

Endorsed by the Australian Army - NATO Stock Number 5210/66. 128.8.500

The Tyrepliers® Bead Breaker is suitable for use on all 13-19" rims (alloy and steel) - both safety and split type rims. Tyrepliers® works directly on the bead of the tyre and will not damage the tyre if used correctly. The tool weighs only 2.7 kilograms, is compact enough to be easily stored in a vehicle or a tool kit and is easily transported.

The Australian army evaluated manual tyre bead breakers over a two year period and concluded that Tyrepliers® Bead Breakers surpassed all other tools [used to break the bead on tyres] on the Australian market. Tyrepliers® Bead Breakers are the only manual bead breaker to receive the endorsement of the Australian Military. 

Subsequently, the Tyrepliers® Manual Tyre Bead Breaker has been allocated an internationally recognizable NATO Stock Number or NSN. The Tyrepliers® Bead Breaker is the only bead breaker that is officially endorsed by the Australian Military: NSN 5210/66. 128.8.500

Supplied to Australian, British & other Military Vehicle users, as there are no screw threads, or critical moving parts to clog with mud, sand or snow!

Tyrepliers® Bead Breaker puts pressure Directly on the Bead, which is designed to take the strain of tyre removal, unlike using a digger bucket, hi-lift jack, fore end loader or simply running over the tyre which pushes down on the soft & vulnerable side wall which can cause serious damage including 'blisters' often seen in tyre sidewalls from poor tyre removal.

Will accept Adaptor Legs (below) to allow fitment to other sized wheel rims.
ATV Reduction Adapter for 4" - 12" rims - Part Number: BBACC100
Extension Leg to suit rims from 17" - 22" - Part Number BBACC105 

With the Addition of BBACC100 & BBACC105 this Bead Breaker will work on Rims from 4" right up to 22"

Part Number - BB100