TravelJohn - Resealable Disposable Urinals

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TravelJohn disposable urinal is convenient, sanitary, discreet and compact. A portable toilet for use Anytime, Anywhere! 

Travel John is a life saver… when you need to go to the restroom and there is a queue, or none available, use Travel John, a convenient disposable urinal that is easy to use.

Ideal for in the car, at festivals, on holidays. Each Bag is made of strong plastic, that is puncture resistant and contains our Revolutionary LIQSORB® polymer pouch that solidifies liquids instantly into a Leak-proof, odorless, spill-proof gel that is non-toxic and safe for disposal in any waste bin. 

Every pack contains 3 TravelJohn  Resealable Disposable Urinals.

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  • Non-toxic,odourless,spill proof gel. It instantly gels after absorption of liquid thus making it leak-proof!
  • No closure needed
  • Waste disposal safe, simply throw away
  • Small and light weight
  • Reusable untill it is full
  • LIQSORB® super absorbent polymer pouch included
  • Volume indicator included
  • Unisex plastic collar for easy handling