OZTENT Extreme Lighting System - Rigid

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A brilliant and bright lighting system which is ideal for use in your OZTENT.

The OZTENT Extreme Lighting System - Rigid is a brilliant lighting system, ideal for use in your OZTENT.

The Rigid ELS is 100cm long and comprises of 60 LED's in Rigid Aluminimum Frame.

Running from the car battery through the 12V cigar/aux plug, this Extreme Ligting System gives incredible illumination of approx 4 to 6m. 

Multiple sets of Rigid ELS strips can be connected together if you're realy scared of the dark!

Normally used in conjunction with horizontal Tent or Awning Poles! the Rigid ELS is plug and play, but also includes a dimmer switch* so the lighting can be adjusted to suit mood or need.

Easy to attach to any vertical or horizontal pole using the 2 supplied velcro straps, or can be screwed in position permanently using the two end tags

*Can be used with or without dimmer. Without dimmer the lights remain at full brightness, or using the pre wired watertight connectors the dimmer switch can be incorporated to adjust from 'Fully Off' to 'Fullly On'

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