OZTENT Extreme Lighting System - Flexi

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A Flexible, Bright, Low Power Consumption LED System which is ideal for use in your OZTENT.

OZTENT Extreme Lighting System - Flexi, is a Bright Low Power Consumption LED System, comprised of a flexible strip of 30 LED's on 100cm of flexible backing.

Ideal for sticking to your OZTENT Tent Frame or Poles in order to light up your tent or living area! It has amazing illumination to approx 3 to 5 meters and is battery powered* with a long cable and switch making it usable pracitcally anywhere.

If stuck to the Frame of an OZTENT, for example, there's plenty of cable for the switch to hang down to your bed for ease of use.

Supplied with top quality "3M Sticky Tape" on the reverse of the LED's this product can be used almost anywhere!

*Batteries not included.

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