Marttiini Lynx Carbinox - BOAB Knife – Large

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Traditional Style Knife & Sheath from Finland, beautifully shaped and crafted knife with handle & blade designed to handle all sorts of larger bush craft & camping tasks, from skinning deer to slicing the carcasses, and then sitting by the fire to carve the plate to eat it from!

This Knifes sheath is engraved with BOAB and it is a beautiful all round bush craft & camping knife.


The traditional handle material of Finnish knives is curly birch. This tree grows mostly in central and eastern Finland. The fiery looking curly birch is perfect material for a knife handle.
Its durability and beauty means there is a limited amount of this fine looking curly birch on the market, making the price considerably higher than in the case of ordinary birch.

The wooden handles are given a wax finish, which deepens the glow of the wooden handle and at the same time protects it from dirt and moisture.

A waxed handle also feels very pleasant to the touch and gives a firm, safe grip in use.


Carbinox T508 steel combines the best characteristics of carbon and chrome steel: toughness, ease of honing, and extreme durability.
The steel blend carbon content is 0.5%, chrome content 8% and its hardness 56-57 HRC.
The material is not classified as stainless but its resistance to corrosion is considerably higher than that of traditional carbon steel.
In the maintenance of Carbinox T508 it is sufficient to clean the blade carefully and dry it after use. However we also recommend the occasional treatment of the blade with unsalted oil or olive oil, especially if preparing food.

Leather Sheath

Leather sheaths of Marttiini knives are made of plant or chrome tanned leather. Leather is acquired mostly from Europe, and are made from high quality engraved natural hide. 
Knife sheaths are still commonly made by hand. Each sheath is sized and fitted exactly to the knife so its appearance and performance is perfect for each knife.
A template iron is used to cut a blank from hides and before sewing the edges are glued together. Sheaths now have a modern plastic sleeve inside that prevents the blade from penetrating and damaging the sheath. 
The rivets and fittings are brass and help reinforce and decorate the sheath. 
The purpose of the sheath is to protect the knife and the user when the knife is not in use.
A knife may be attached to a belt with a sheath’s fastening strap.
The sheath’s small details are decorative but often also have other practical and traditional meanings. For example the rectangular piece of leather at the tip of these sheaths prevents a belted stealth from moving like a pendulum when carried on a belt.

More Information
  • Blade Length : 8.5 cm
  • Total Length : 20 cm
  • Blade Material : Carbinox T508
  • Handle : Waxed Curly Birch
  • Sheath Material : High Quality Leather