Hillbilly 'Constant Hot Water' - 20 Litres

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Hillbilly Constant Hot Water System - 20 Litres

Campfire Hot Water System is a simple, ingenious way to provide hot water for all the camp! Simple and easy to use!

Fill with water and place on the ground next to the campfire where the cold water quickly warms up. When hot water is required, simply pour cold water through the funnel, where it's directed to the base of the tank, displacing equal volumes of hot water from the outlet spout! Eureka! 

The Hillbilly Constant Hot Water System holds approx. 20 Litres of water.

Hillbilly Camping make tough, durable products. Every item is made in a simple manner in Australia with durability in mind, they can be thrown in the trailer and pulled out at the end of your journey with little more than some surface dust

Please note: This is a "Hot Water System", not a Boiling Water System.

Not Recommended for use by Small Children.

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20 Litre Constant Hot Water System
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