Tyrepliers® Trukplyers™ Bead Breaker

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Tyrepliers Trukplyers™ Bead Breaker to fit 16" - 24" (BB110)

Trukplyers™ are a much larger and stronger version of Tyrepliers® Original Military Bead Breaker. Complete with 'knocking block' on the head to assist in getting off those really tight 16" - 24" Truck and Agricultural Wheel Rims.

Trukplyers™ as standard, are fully adjustable to suit rim sizes from 16" up to 24" and if fitted with the Truckpliers Reduction Leg (BBACC110) can be adapted to fit Smaller Wheel Rims from 13" - 15"

Used by British Military and UK Military Suppliers as well as Commercial Tyre Centres, Truckies, Farmers, 4x4 Drivers, Mines & Quarries as well as Military & Commercial Vehicle Enthusiasts and Restorers.

Part Number - BB110