Tyrepliers® BOAB Bead Breaker

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Tyrepliers® BOAB Bead Breaker to fit 13" - 19" Rims (BOABBB-2)

As the UK Importers & Distributers of Australian Tyrepliers® Manual Tyre Repair Equipment, we thought it only right to have our own Exclusive, Branded Bead Breaker made by them.

Slightly lighter duty, single strap version, of the Military BB100, made for BOAB, to help reduce the cost for occassional or recreational users.

Features; Fits all Alloy or Steel Wheel Rims from 13" - 19".

This BOAB Bead Breaker has the normal width Jaw, like the Military Version, and will easily fit over slightly 'dished' rims and comes with a carry bag.

Will accept Adaptor Legs (below) to allow fitment to other sized wheel rims

Part Number - BOAB BB2