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Look at the Numbers! - 4 Styles, 14 Models, 60 Years, Worlds' 1st.

Vehicle roof top tents are an Italian invention first produced in 1958, throughout the intervening years AUTOHOME roof tents have undergone continuous development and today are the most popular and best selling vehicle roof top tents available to the Adventure Tourist.

The AUTOHOME quality you see today is the result of constant technical development throughout those years, resulting in several renowned styles of roof tent.

Within each of the four styles of tent available, there are several models each with numerous options and accessories to suit the individual needs of the Adventure Tourist. AUTOHOME is not just a name, but also a lifestyle, enabling people to enjoy the
outdoors in a safe and comfortable way, whether it's on a small car for a family weekend or an a four wheel drive ready to explore off the beaten track.

When we think about "tour operators, all inclusive travel and travel offers" there are plenty of options to choose from. However, if you really want to be free and independent by planning your holiday day by day, there is an option for you: AUTOHOME. Wherever you are AUTOHOME is your passport to freedom, unspoilt beauty, far away destinations and away from it all.
Suitable for all types of vehicles, any AUTOHOME can be opened in seconds, offering you a comfortable, cozy bed without the need to be on the ground. It doesn't matter if the land is wet, muddy, rocky, frozen or asphalt you don't need to pitch your tent, because your AUTOHOME is on your vehicle. All AUTOHOME Roof Top Tents have plenty of internal space for your travel bedding and accessories. So easy to pack away you can leave your camp at a moments notice!

“No tricks”
Through a constant commitment towards research and innovation, AUTOHOME can now confirm its’ reached the highest level of safety and quality required to achieve the prestigious recognition of TUV Approval. By conforming to the high standards required of the Rhineland International Certificate (TUV) this approval confirms the excellent quality levels guaranteed by AUTOHOME for its’ original car roof top tent products sold worldwide.

  1. AUTOHOME products have successfully passed the following tests in compliance with TUV Rheinland:
  1. 1. Test in compliance with 3.8 of DIN 75302/02.91;
  2. 2. Test in compliance with 3.9.2 of DIN 75302/02.91;
  3. 3. Test in compliance with 3.9.3 of DIN 75302/02.91;
  4. 4. Test in compliance with 3.9.4 of DIN 75302/02.91;
  1. Certification Number: AK 60024834 0001;

Why TUV?
Individuals or customers have the opportunity to check the certification authenticity and have the choice of buying certificated products, which represent safety & quality.
Importers or Distributors can select suppliers or products that have obtained quality and/or safety certification.


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