DS-40 Fridge Drop Slide
DS-40 Fridge Drop Slide
Although it looks like a normal fridge slide (top image) when pulled fully out it drops 30cm (1ft) allowing you to see into or load the fridge more easily (bottom image).

MODEL DS40 Suit Engel up to 40ltr & Waeco up to 60ltr


Fridge Tray : 715 x 390 mm
Slide Length - closed : 820 mm (+20 mm for lock)
Slide Length - open : 1625 mm (+20 mm for lock)
Slide - width : 520 mm (including lock)
Platform Lowers : 300 mm
Slide to open end of tray in drop position : 1955 mm (+20 mm for lock)
Slide open and dropped : 400 mm from rear of tray to front of base frame
Front of frame to back of tray in up position : 70 mm
Mount surface to top of handle : 640 mm
Mount surface to base of tray : 35 mm
Runner : 812 mm long
Freight Box : 850 mm L x 580 mm W x 220 mm H
Patent Ap : 2007229415

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